Food & Grocery Packaging

At Tara Plastics we pride ourselves on quality and consistency – the superior film you received on your last order, you will receive on your next and all future orders.


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Bag-on-Roll Packaging

We offer a wide variety of bag-on-roll products including pre-opened, slit in front in a wide array of sizes and gauges for many types of applications.

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Specialty Packaging

We specialize in flexible packaging conversion and food processing, providing the specific width and gauge for the required application and our film and zipper materials work exceptionally well on most converting and form-fill equipment.

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Reclosable Packaging

We offer several sizes of String Zipper from 3.05 mm (0.120 in) to 3.55mm (0.135 in).

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Our skilled operators and SQF certified production lines run 24/7, promptly and reliably fulfilling orders with high quality, cost-effective packaging solutions that consistently meet or exceed our customers’ specifications.